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[July 2005 – links restocking in progress]


Prashna Upanishad
"Whatever is one's consciousness,
with that, one enters into the life-breath.
The life-breath joined to the heart together with the soul
lead to whatever world has been imagined."
Walk like an Egyptian
'Iman Ta,' the hieroglyphic symbol of the union of opposites, is a stylized graphic of the human windpipe and lungs. ... The living breath in the lungs is the interface of the outer world of inanimate air and the inner world of living breath.
Earth Prayers for The Great Spirit
"Oh, Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the wind,
Whose breath gives life to all the world.
Hear me; I need your strength and wisdom.
Let me walk in beauty, and make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset.
Make my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to hear your voice.
Catholic Encyclopedia: SPIRIT
(Lat. spiritus, spirare, "to breathe"; Gk. pneuma; Fr. esprit; Ger. Geist). As these names show, the principle of life was often represented under the figure of a breath of air. The breath is the most obvious symptom of life, its cessation the invariable mark of death; invisible and impalpable, it stands for the unseen mysterious force behind the vital processes.
Breath and the Spirit
"How does breath lead to spirituality? The ancients spoke of the air carrying prana, life force energy. They said that it was everywhere and that we took it into our bodies from exposure to sunlight, ingestion of foods which stored it, and from breath." At this site, the International Breath Institute promotes an approach they call TransformBreathing®. For starters, see Breath Evaluation and Exercises.
In Our Bodies: Moving and Breathing with Awareness
"In older cultures, the healing and spiritual centering of conscious movement and breath had already been practiced for thousands of years. The breath and movement system of Chinese Medicine's Tai Chi ; the pranayama (breathing) and asanas (body postures) of yoga; the ecstatic dances of African and Native peoples around the world -- all reflect the universal benefit of inner guided movement and breath. In the the modern west, we can directly trace this work back to the middle 1800s, when teachers of the Gymnastik movement in Europe and the U.S. discovered that treating people as whole, rather than separating body and spirit (as the emerging modern biomedicine was doing), brought profound healing."

Hippies, rainbows, ravers, and other new tribes

Rainbow Welcome Home
The unofficial website run by Rob Savoye, with extensive archives, current information, legal documents, links, etc. etc.
1601 Pennsylvania Avenue
Rainbows in Washington DC, involved in global disarmament, free assembly and protest in Peace Park across from the White House, and political agitation for (and among) the Rainbow Family.
Howdy, we're trying to construct a forum... devoted to Truth, that will satisfy everyone. (Follow the bouncing ball.)
Rainbow Family of Living Light Glossary
Glossary of words and phrases used among the Rainbow Family.
Crystalhawk's rainbow pages
Jenni Mattingly's intro and links.
Digger Archives -- SF Diggers 1966-1968
After digging for more than three hundred years, the Diggers came out in San Francisco (and New York), this time determined to leave more of a record of themselves.
Meme Gardening
"Meme gardening" is Zhahai's metaphor for "living a conscious life, hopefully with heart as well as a clarity of mind." See also the newsgroup alt.memetics
Aron Kay (Pieman)
Good site, but hazardous {uses plug-ins may crash your computer} and takes a very long time to load. Last I looked, his Miscellaneous Links included and Dylanology.
Holy Trauma Water Kitchen
"Rev" Tim, one of the science guys and hydraulics engineers of the Rainbow Family, has gathered information on making the water safe to drink.
The Criminal Justice And Public Order Act 1994
This Act denies the right to silence (in other words, the right to refuse to testify against oneself) that Lilburne fought so hard for. It criminalizes gatherings, festivals, and raves, and gives new meaning to the words "police state." Passed by Parliament in Britain under Conservative rule. The Labour Party barely opposed it; now they're elected and it remains in force.
Alternative Camps -- In Britain, with the Criminal Justice Act, the people's right to *freely* assemble is under attack. For the time being anyway, it looks like gatherings will be held on private land, at cost (or for a profit?).
The New Tribes
London Rainbow Centre and assorted friends, circa Spring 1996.
An online magazine in Britain that aims to reflect the true underground scene in the UK. "There's some crazy shit going down and we want to be there in the thick of it all. We'll be reporting on the hardcore environmentalists, underground ravers, road campaigners and all sorts of stuff that takes our interest. We'll be posting up our thoughts, words and pictures, and we're going to be brutally honest about what we see."
AMBIENT HOUSE JUNGLE TECHNO TRIP HOP CLUBS RADIO... Links to everywhere, updated regularly, from rollo in Sweden.
Hyperreal - Ravers Homepage
Hyperreal, started as "an email-based mailing list focused on the San Francisco rave scene," and now "a collaborative publishing effort by over one hundred volunteers. Our mission is to give a home to alternative culture, music and expression."

Rainbow Homepages

Wavy Gravy, Rainbow Maker, Roland Johnson, Rob Savoye, Colin Pringle (Wild Bohemian), James McGill, Marc Perkel, Mike Niman, Fen Labalme, Albert Bates, Wandering Bear {Crash alert}, and Spaceman.

Quaker Stuff

The Religious Society of Friends WWW site
The Quakers have no Vatican, and no official website. Russ Nelson's site is the largest and most widely known, with archives, a thorough set of links, and sub-sites for various meetings and organizations such as Friends General Conference, Britain Yearly Meeting, and Pendle Hill.
Bill Samuel's Home Page
Bill is especially interested in Christian renewal among Friends, which gets the emphasis at his site. He maintains a schedule of Yearly Meetings and other gatherings.
Peaceweb site provided by Ottawa Friends Meeting
Includes a listing of 'Movies with a Conscience,' and essays and documents on economics, justice, peace, international development, etc.
The Russian Quaker Library
A project in support of Friends in Russia.
The Quaker Writings Home Page
Peter Sippel's pages, devoted to publishing a wide variety of Christian materials from the rich Christian heritage of the Religious Society of Friends.
Quaker Electronic Archive & Meeting Place
George Amoss's site offers Quaker writings and other documents such as minutes and resource guides, a calendar, and a message board, as well as chat rooms in which Friends and friends are welcome to meet and worship together.
Quaker Resources Page
Meeting School alum, developing another Quaker resources page.
Quaker Resources Online Index
An extensive listing, sorted by Author, Title, and Subject, compiled by Heidi Beke-Harrigan.
Quaker Queries
An ongoing discussion of simplicity.


This is a Usenet newsgroup, one of thousands of newsgroups commonly accessible from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). If this link doesn't connect you, ask the support crew at your ISP. Or there are a variety of email-based listserv groups, otherwise known as "E-Mail lists".
soc.religion.quaker -- RFD, CFVs, and RESULT
This unmoderated Usenet newsgroup was created in October, 1992. Each of the steps is recorded here, including the charter and the names of those who voted for and against it. It passed by four votes, 137 to 34. Many of those who voted against it simply didn't want an unmoderated religion group, thinking that it would be flooded with flames. Didn't happen.

A few homepages

Michael Burns, Jon Rouse, Larry Kuenning, Tom and Sandy Farley, Martin Kelley, Sylvie McGee, Paul W. Goldschmidt, Anne Mitchell & Gordon McClure, Kirby Urner, Russ Nelson, and Steve Thompson.

Religions and philosophies

Catholic Worker Home Page
Includes writings of and a biography of Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, Ammon Hennacy, and others of this group of anarchist Catholics, as well as current activities.
Welcome to Sojourners Online
"Sojourners represents a grassroots network for personal, community, and political transformation. Rooted in the solid ground of prophetic biblical tradition, Sojourners is a progressive Christian voice that preaches not political correctness but compassion, community, and commitment."
From the Western Mystical tradition
Excerpts from writings of mystics from Dionysus the Areopagite, in the late 5th century, to Gerrard Winstanley and Abiezer Coppe in the 17th.
Liberal Christianity
Introduction to liberal christian denominations -- including Unitarian Universalists, the Universal-Life Church, Quakers, American Baptists, Episcopalians, and the United Church of Christ -- with historical background and links to useful sites.
Mennonite Information Center
One of the Christian groups derived from the Anabaptist movement, stressing discipleship, community, and an ethic of love and nonresistance. Mennonites are historically distinctive in North America for simplicity of life and the rejection of military service, public office, and oaths.
Mennonite Connections on the World-Wide Web compiled by Bradley Lehman
Catalog of available Mennonite and related resources.
Church of the Brethren
The Church of the Brethren is an ecumenical, evangelical Christian Protestant denomination. Stemming from the German Pietist movement of the early 1700's and from Anabaptism of an earlier century, the Brethren remain one of the three historic peace churches and recognize no formal creed other than the careful study of the teachings of Jesus as found in the New Testament.
Tao Te Ching
Chad Hansen's Daoist Home Page -- direct to you from Hong Kong
Includes a close to literal translation-in-progress of the Daode Jing (Tao Te Ching):
To guide what can be guided is not constant guiding.
To name what can be named is not constant naming.
'Not-exist' names the beginning (boundary) of the cosmos (Heaven and earth)
'Exists' names the mother of the ten-thousand natural kinds .
Thus, to treat 'not-exist' as constant is desiring to use it to view its mysteries.
To treat 'exists' as constant is desiring to use it to view its manifestations.
These two emerge together yet have different names.
'Together'--call that 'obscure. ' 'Obscure' it and it is more obscure.
. . . the gateway of a crowd of mysteries.
Po-Han Lin's Life Depot
Taoist, Buddhist, Catholic, and other texts on the meaning of life.
Access to Insight -- Gateways to Theravada Buddhism.
Theravada (Pali: thera "elders" + vada "doctrine, way"), the "Way of the Elders," is the name for the school of Buddhism that draws its scriptural inspiration from the Pali Canon, or Tipitaka, which scholars generally accept as the oldest record of the Buddha's teachings.
Welcome to Kagyu Droden Kunchab
Kagyu Droden Kunchab means "Song of Fulfillment." This site is from the Center for the Study and Practice of Mahayana and Vajrayana Buddhism, in San Francisco.
Sarena's Tarot
A homepage for Tarot and related topics, detailing some of the different, popular spreads. Whether one believes in a higher power, or not, the Tarot can be a path or a vehicle, if you will, into our subconscious and can enlighten us in our everyday lives.
John McNair on Wicca
Article on wicca, its origins and practices, and how it fits in western society today, from an academic perspective.
Literary Works on Religion and Philsophy, by Sanderson Beck
A very helpful survey of world religions and philosophies, with an emphasis on world peace. Includes translations of many classic texts.
Watchman Fellowship Research Index
Index of cults, occult organizations, New Age groups, new religious movements, and world religions with related terms and doctrines. From a christian perspective, but still a useful compendium.
Institute for First Amendment Studies
Emphasizing the separation of church and state. Includes Freedom Writer, an online magazine about the Religious Right, an Activist's Index, and Walk Away for those who have left fundamentalism or some extreme form of Bible-based belief.
Religious Organizations - Rutgers University, Dept. of Religion
A selection of sites, with brief introductions, as a shortcut to denominational agencies that provide important information for scholarly research on the web.

Native American Indians

This Lakota Sioux phrase has suddenly come into common usage...
Native American Indian PlentyStuff
Art, Culture, Education, History, Science -- includes maps, stories, recipes, astronomy, herbal knowledge, essays on current issues, and links to schools, tribal websites, and other groups.
First Nations website
A site for the American Indian Movement and related struggles. Includes the Wounded Knee Site Index
Planet Peace Indigenous Community Internet Project
Planet Peace is run by Indigenous community organizers and activists dedicated to the world-wide distribution of information regarding Indigenous and Environmental grassroots initiatives from around the globe.
Four Worlds Institute for Human and Community Development
Four Worlds is a family of people and organizations, bound together by a set of common principles based on the traditional teachings of North American tribal peoples brought together with the best that western science and technology has to offer.
The Mohawk Nation Council of Chiefs is an acknowledged administrative agency for the Mohawk people. As a full member of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, it has a nation-to-nation relationship with the United States. Akwesasne Freedom School and Akwesasne Notes magazine are two projects.
Punawelewele - The Spinning Spider
Website host of the Hale Pai news journal. Also Polynesia Polynesia! and other resources for and about Pacific Islanders.
Hawai`i - independent & sovereign nation-state
Offered to provide information regarding the restoration of the independence of Hawai`i, along with cultural perspectives from her people.

Peace & Reconciliation

Peace Torch 1997
A global peace initiative, the goal of which is to link those who dream of peace and care enough to do something constructive.
NONA Multimedia Women's Center
The NONA Multimedia Women's Center is a place of conversation, creativity, and healing for women and children from Croatia and Bosnia-Hercegovina who live in our city of Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia. The website currently includes a 352k song (!), which must mean a lot to the women who were singing along.
Includes web pages for Food Not Bombs, California FCNL, Alternatives to Violence Project, Peaceworkers International, and Street Sheet - a publication of the Coalition On Homelessness in San Francisco.
The Nonviolence Web
Home to many of the US's most dynamic nonviolence groups.
The Way to Peace, by Sanderson Beck
The philosophy of peacemaking has been evolving through the centuries and can be found in all the great cultures of the world. This is the story of efforts to make peace and insights into the factors of war and peace, the root causes of war, and how to tr
Rob's Place Homepage
Buddhism, peace, justice, truth, ...
Buddhist Peace Fellowship
The Buddhist Peace Fellowship is 18 years old and 4000 members strong, a beacon for Dharma activists committed to transforming the world and themselves. Through BPF, Buddhists of many traditions are invited to explore personal and group responses to polit
Project Ploughshares
Canada's ecumenical peace coalition
"Peace Now" in Israel
Peace is always a possibility.
M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
In 1991 the nonprofit, nonsectarian M.K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence was founded in Memphis, Tennessee by the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, Arun Gandhi, and his wife Sunanda.
Mahatma Gandhi and His Myths
A look at Gandhian nonviolent direct action.
Soulforce: The Power of Nonviolence
Web-site for schoolchildren who've seen the SoulforceTM video, with links to addional nonviolence resources.

Environmental Action

PlanetKeepers' Guide
... projects, ideas and people on the 'net who are working for the health and well-being of life on Earth, founded on the belief that we can meet all our real needs in the 1990s while still preserving the health and beauty of this planet for future generations.
The biggest, loudest, most red, most read Anti-McDonald's extravaganza the world has ever seen.
North American Wolf Association
A grassroots effort to save wolves from captivity.
EarthSharing Homepage
A new spin on the economic philosophy of Henry George, which starts from the question, "Why do we allow people to 'own' the land?"
Earth First!
We are howling out of the cages, In the arms of eternity.
The Internet EcoSystem
Tropical Ecological Farm, in Vietnam
Greenpeace International
Some call them sell-outs. What are they doing now to salvage their reputation?

Prisons, Amnesty, and Freedom

Freedom of Information in China -- Amnesty International
What's happening in China these days? But how do we really know?
Introducing Wei Jingsheng: A Chinese Voice of Conscience
Perhaps Wei Jingsheng could be considered a "John Lilburne" of the modern world. See also Surrounded by Police, Living Without Fear
Human Rights, Civil Wrongs
Unfortunately, the human rights world is getting crowded with professionals and and profiteers, as revealed in this story posted by journalist-activists in Japan. Artists, writers, dissidents, and ordinary activists - en guarde!
Human Rights Watch
Read the story at the above link, then check out this site.
Emily Lau's Homepage - free-lance legislator in Hong Kong
Human Rights - Freedom of Speech - Democracy - Rule of Law
Hong Kong Democratic Foundation
Local people committed to developing a pluralistic democracy in Hong Kong.
Hong Kong Voice Of Democracy
"It seek to create a space which chronicles the activities of the grass-roots democracy movement of Hong Kong and the political climate in which it operates through the period of transition and beyond."
American Civil Liberties Union
The ACLU keeps on plugging away. "The right of the people peaceably to assemble" hasn't had much emphasis, but they do seem to have taken an interest in the rising number of cases involving the Rainbow Family.
The JusticeNet Prison Issues Desk
A source for progressive and radical information and resources on prisons and the criminal prosecution system. If you are looking for resources for educators and activists, including up-to-date news, alerts and analysis, this is a good place to start.

The "really" Radicals

Left-Wing Lingo, Ideologies and History
A basic primer of the Left, by an eclectic buddhist pinko.
AnarchaFeminism (Anarchist Feminism)
"I start with the basics asking the question Are women liberated?, after all its nearly the year 2,000, what is the status of women today? There is no denying things have got better, but still freedom is a bit of a way off. Why is this?"
Industrial Workers of the World
One Big Union.
Situationist International -- Archives
The self-styled "fifth" International.
Systematic Ideology
'Ideology' -- the central motivator for human affairs? If so, here's a group who've been studying it systematically since the 1930s.
LEFT                                                                     RIGHT
Anarchist   | Communist  | Socialist    | Liberal    | Conserv.  | Fascist
Black       | Red        | Pink         | Yellow     | Blue      | Brown
Paradynamic | Epidynamic | Protodynamic | Parastatic | Epistatic | Protostatic
Repudiation | Revolution | Reform       | Precision  | Dominat'n | Expediency
The seventh major ideology, the Metadynamic or Ideology of Ideologies (those ideological groups that consider ideology itself to be a major determinant of human history and behavior) is not shown on this chart, but takes its place to the left of Repudiation (paradymanic). . . . {Of course!}

People before Profits -- misc.

The Prosperous Few and the Restless Many
Interview with Noam Chomsky.
Workers on the WWW unite!
Internationalism takes on a whole new meaning as workers link to each other, informing one and another of their struggles, and building global solidarity around struggles that only a year or two ago would have been a local issue.
Corporate Watch
News, analysis, diverse viewpoints and networking resources for activists addressing the role transnational corporations play in environmental, economic, social and political issues in the U.S. and around the world.
Znet - Z Magazine and archives
Maintained by Z Magazine, with a variety of organizations affiliated with the Institute for Social and Cultural Communications, plus links to projects like the Chomsky Archive. Filled with plugs for Left on-Line, "a community of people concerned about social change," at only $8 a month!
Social Policy: Rethinking the Left
Eight radicals of the 1960s and '70s talk of the meaning in their lives. "Re-living the Left"?
Democratic Socialists of America
Formed in the 1970s in an alliance of New Leftists and old line Socialists, now the largest socialist organization in the U.S., and in fact the largest group to the left of the Democratic Party. Libertarian socialists, feminists, trade unionists, peace activists, and ... you?
The Socialist International
Actually the "second" International -- Socialists who, after more than a century, are still working through trade unions and the electoral process.

Electoral Politics

The Jefferson Project
Electoral groups and resources on the web.
Vote Smart Web
With your ZIP+4, find out who claims to represent you, nationally and in your state.
Public Citizen
Founded by Ralph Nader in 1971, Public Citizen is the consumer's eyes and ears in Washington. They show votes on key legislation.
Nader for President, '96
Well, that site's gone. So what's next?
The Democracy Network: LA
Local politics as if the people mattered. The emphasis thus far has been on Los Angeles, with plans to cover campaigns in New York and Washington in 1998.

World Affairs

Japanese Archipelago
An online magazine by journalists in the undercurrents of world media, focussing not only on Japan but on Asia Pacific and the Pacific Rim.
PEOPLE IN ACTION for a Better World
Tambien: PERSONAS EN ACCION por un Mundo Mejor, y Redes Progresistas (Enlaces en Internet) (red = "net" y enlace = "link").
World Citizen Web
Info on the World Passport, a real passport for the one world we all live in and on. "No one has the right to tell you you can't move freely on your natural birthplace! So don't leave home without one!" Also, up-to-date copies of the World Citizen News.

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