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[July 2005 – links restocking in progress]

Building the future,

That's about as easy as following the wind, eh?

Here's a few more links to fun and worthwhile pages.

The theme here is "Get a life," so isn't it funny, the first thing I do is suggest you watch a few more waves of electrons wash across your computer screen? Go on, get a life!

Rope bridge with rainbow colored boards. Looks a little risky.

Gardening, food, health, ...

Our Garden
A guide to organic growing by Elizabeth and Crow Miller of Springs Meadow Organic Farm, on Long Island, NY. Many useful essays, especially on using limited garden space for best yields.
The Podunk Farm Page
Essays from an upstate New York farm. "We believe in a simple lifestyle dedicated to the idea of voluntary simplicity and lots of fun. Community with a sense of purpose and belonging." {Heavy graphics.}
Seattle Tilth
Seattle Tilth is a network of more than 900 people, dedicated to the practice and promotion of organic gardening and farming, urban ecology, composting and creation of sustainable urban and rural communities.
A Directory of Herbs - Dept. of Horticulture, Penn State University
From Anise to Yarrow.
Organic Farming
Bits of advice on composting, fertilizers, and earthworms, and a short list of useful links.
Biocontrol Network
A supplier for organic gardening and farming, with information on beneficial insects, bacillus, nematodes, etc.
Vegetarian Pages
...intended to be a definitive guide to what's available on the Internet for vegetarians, vegans and others. They have many resources at this site, compiled and updated by a cluster of volunteers.
Veggies Unite!
Includes "The Recipe Directory" with over 2000 vegan recipes. If you become a member (for free, if you refer others to their site as I am doing here), you can add up the ingredients of as many recipes as you like, select the items you'll need to get, edit the list, print it out, and take it with you shopping.
Re-evaluation Counseling Communities
Also known as Co-Counseling, this grassroots organization believes that the most useful form of counseling is active listening, one-to-one, in a caring community environment. Instead of paying for "professional" to listen, they create a network of lay practitioners. How to start is the best introduction.
Some of the best people I know are Co-Counselors. There are some who seem to get totally buried in their past, almost to the exclusion of the present. Also the jargon can be offputting, but the basic ideas are really zesty !

Cooperatives, communes, and intentional communities

The Abolition of Work, by Bob Black
And other unusual and interesting books and rants.
UWisc CC homepage
The Univ. Wisc. Center for Cooperatives (UWCC) studies and promotes cooperative action as a means of meeting people's economic and social needs. This site serves the International Co-operative Alliance and provides materials about the history & principle.
Coops & Nonprofits - CSF links
Many links, usefully organized, and the hypertext archives of the cooperative-bus email listserv group, at the busy site of Communications for a Sustainable Future, which handles listserv groups on a wide range of relevant subjects.
The Mondragon Cooperative System
Mondragon Corporacion Cooperativa is a growing cluster of cooperatively owned and run services and industries in the north of Spain. "We use democratic methods to elect our governing and management bodies and to distribute the material and social wealth generated, for the benefit of our members and the community, on the basis of solidarity."
Intentional Communities
Intentional Community is an inclusive term for ecovillages, cohousing, residential land trusts, communes, student co-ops, urban housing cooperatives and other related projects and dreams.
Includes back issues of Communities magazine - a Journal of Cooperation, since 1972 the primary resource for information, issues, and ideas about intentional communities in North America. Published by the Fellowship for Intentional Community, which also puts out the Communities Directory. See also their list of links to Intentional Communities on the Web.

Folk dancing and recreation

Folk Roots Netrooting
From England, links to artists, clubs, record companies, magazines, Usenet newsgroups, and websites for many different sorts of music including African, European/Celtic, American, and Antipodean. {Erratic service.}
International Folk Dance Resource Guide
People all over the world are archiving their dance heritages and making them available on the web. This site gives a "whirlwind tour" of almost every imaginable aspect of folk dancing.
a Contradance Page...
Contra and English Country Dancing. These pages also have resources and discussion from news:rec.folk-dancing, including a collection of useful and amusing posts.
Country Dance and Song Society
Celebrating a living tradition of English and Anglo-American folk dance and music since 1915.
Gay Square Dance Clubs
Formed by and for lesbians and gay men in their community and for their friends, and open to all. "Gay square dancing is high energy dancing. Since many gay square dancers can dance both the man's and woman's parts, they tend to be strong dancers with an excellent sense of position and set orientation."
Dance Directory by Marv Vandehey
Links for: Ballet and Modern Dance, Ballroom Dance, Clogging, Contra Dance, Directories, Folk Dance, Greek, Historical Dance, Indian Dance, Latin, Middle Eastern Dance, Morris Dancing, Schools, Square Dance, Swing and Lindy, and Tango.
N.Y. Pinewoods Folk Music Club
Runs concerts, weekends, classes, singing parties, and get-togethers, all with an emphasis on traditional folk music of all flavors. Links to other folk music groups and resources.
Philadelphia Folksong Society Info
The Philadelphia Folksong Society produces the Philadelphia Folk Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious folk festivals in the country, at the Old Poole Farm in Schwenksville, PA.
The Sing Out! Home Page
Sing Out! was formed to preserve the cultural diversity and heritage of all traditional folk musics; to support creators of new folk music from all countries and cultures; and to encourage the practice of folk music as a living phenomenon.
Musi-Cal, your gateway to a world full of live music, provides easy access to the most up-to-date worldwide live music information: concerts, festivals and other musical events.
Eastern Cooperative Recreation School
Folk-dancing, singing, games, dramatics, story-telling, crafts, and other activities. Teaches how to lead, everyone has fun.

Healthy sexuality

Glass Wings: Sensual Celebrations
Sensual celebrations, and other articles on food, utopia, and modern adventure, mostly by Katherine Phelps, an Australian artist. See also the other articles at the Glass Wings site.
Coalition for Positive Sexuality
It seems like sex is all around us -- especially on the internet. But where can you go when you're a kid and what you need and want is straight ahead information? You found it: CPS!
University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre
A student run collective dedicated to promoting healthy perspectives on Human Sexuality and relationships.
Teen Health Web Site
Subjects identified by teens as health concerns with basic information and suggestions of where to go to find more information. Site maintained by students at the Dalhousie Medical School, in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Queer Resources Directory
As of 6/26/97, contains 19,667 files about everything queer, with mirrors all over the world.
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
The world's oldest and largest voluntary family planning organization. Resources on sexual & reproductive health, contraception/birth control/family planning, pregnancy, STDs including HIV, sexuality education, abortion, pro-choice advocacy, reproductive rights, and extensive Internet links.
Sex Workers Alliance of Vancouver
For some people (unfortunately) sex is work.
This crew also appears to be the driving force at the host site, Commercial Sex Information Service. The Network of Sex Work Projects is their international action campaign.
Other Sites
Kink Aware Professionals have a good list of other websites.

Alternatives in Higher Education

Alternative Higher Education Network
Member Institutions
Alternative Higher Education Network
AERO - the Alternative Education Resource Organization
Sponsored by the School of Living, a 59 year-old non-profit organization, founded by Jerry Mintz who has worked with hundreds of alternative schools and homeschool programs. Includes back-issues of the networking newsletter, Aero-Gramme.
School for Designing a Society
The School for Designing a Society, in its sixth year, is a project of teachers, performers, poets, and activists. It is an ongoing experiment in making temporary living environments with the question "What would I consider a desirable society?"
Friends World a program at Southampton College
My alma mater. It was a college then, and now it's an international program, part of Long Island University, NY. So what else has changed?

News of the world

Journalists In Peril
Dedicated to all journalists who have died in pursuit of their calling.
Committee to Protect Journalists
Defending the right of journalists around the world to report the news without fear of reprisal. Includes a continually updated, searchable database featuring verified reports of journalists killed imprisoned, attacked, or censored in more than 100 countries.
Panafrican News Agency (PANA)
With an expanding pool of correspondents continent wide and partnerships with 48 national news agencies, PANA has the largest news-gathering operation in Africa. At the website, they have daily news and weekly summaries on specific topics.
Jerusalem Post
Daily internet edition of news from Israel, in English.
Papua Niugini Nius
Published by Journalism Studies, South Pacific Centre for Communication and Information in Development, at the University of Papua New Guinea.
Boston Review
Many fascinating articles and discussions, from January 1993 to present.
from the Left Side of the Web
Ben's Links to Alternative News and Political Resources
FACSNET - Foundation for American Communications
Links to qualified sources and background material on a wide range of public policy issues, put together by journalists, scholars, and programmers. For the time being, it's not necessary to register to get their information.

On-Line (like, Totally)

Intended as an on-line magazine, with paid writing staff, etc. They're spending a lot of money.
They'll want you to join (for free) if you visit often. {This site will load you with cookies, by the way.} See also Shalizi's review of HotWired and its paper cousin, Wired magazine.


Federation of American Scientists
Science for the People! Many useful ideas and resources, including the Information Systems Working Group (a must see, really!).
Freedom Writer
Freedom Writer, a publication of the Institute for First Amendment Studies Many articles here are worth reading. For starters, see the Activist's Index.
Walk Away is their page for people have "walked away" from fundamentalist churches. Their list of more open "Beliefs" includes the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches and the Unitarian Universalist Association.
Dr. Pseudocryptonym's Book Knowledge
A hodge-podge of documents and texts, including several books. Well worth a visit.

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