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Street Corner Webdesign

Street Corner Webdesign

Since 1997, this site has served as my springboard into the field of web design. Contents have accumulated, and around them the framework has changed from simple HTML to elaborate tables, then modest CSS, and from that hodge-podge into the current XHTML+CSS layout with a handful of Javascripted effects. Along the way, I've worked on more than a handful of other sites, some of them still around, but none as elaborate as this one.

The emphasis throughout is on content, on making it accessible and useful, with reliable navigation inside the site and useful links to off-site resources.

The current design framework is derived from a set of designs posted by Ruthsarian at his Skidoo site. Tables are used minimally, though I must say this introduces a number of difficulties. Graphics and unbroken strings of text which are too wide for the central column will tend to break the design in some browsers. Sub-divisions in the central column, floated to the left or right, tend to fail. And I still have not completed the project of making the pages fully accessible (if not laid out as nicely) for version 4 browsers (Netscape and I.E. 4).

Some of the design aspects I worked hard on are:

  • relatively intuitive navigation, for easy access to hundreds of pages
  • differently colored sections with their own graphics in the upper left-hand corner
  • the incorporation of 2-column pages for texts, within the 3-column site-navigation and section-overview pages, using the same underlying design
  • keeping the framed "Guides" as developed in the previous edition of this site
  • the Quote-Unquote blurbs at the top of some pages change each day of the month (using a Javascript)
  • all of this using Dreamweaver templates and CSS sheets that allow site-wide design changes as needed

It has taken me the better part of a year to make this upgrade, and hopefully these design aspects will be "transparent" to most visitors to the site. There's a lot going on, and my hope is that none of it will get in the way for people who are mainly interested in the content presented here.

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