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Children's Story Garden  >  Contents

Happy girl in breezy field.

The Children's Story Garden



Title Page and Introduction

The White Feather 13
Publishing the Truth 19
Advertising for a Thief 22
The Lost Children 26
The Flower that Jack Did Not Count 29
In the Streets of Jericho 33
Swords and Ploughshares 36
The Golden Purse and the Seeing Eyes 38
Ivan Overcomes the Giant 41
The Token 46
The Long Trail 49
What Bradley Owed 54
The Invincible Leader 56
The Silver Mine 60
Not Lost but Gone Before 65
A Disobedient Dicky Bird 70
Resourceful Santa Claus 72
The Queer Little Baker Man 75
An Early Conscientious Objector 80
The Smithy 83
Billy's Accuser 84
Scattered Seeds 88
The Story of a Letter 90
The Wasted Oak Leaf 93
Tommy's Birthday 97
Oliver Cromwell and George Fox 99
The Water Barrel 102
Grandmothers 106
The Christmas Council of the Winter Folk 109
Our Word is our Keeper 118
The Obedient Kid 116
Eavesdropper the Ugly Dwarf 119
Trading Horses 121
The Last Battle 123
The Meeting That Wouldn't Break up 126
The White Pebble 128
The Mud Wasp 133
Maisie's First Meeting 136
The Old Schoolmaster 139
Wise Rightly, Wisest Wrongly 142
Stewart's A B C's 144
The Highwayman 146
The Chiseled Face 150
The Quiet Voice 156
The Little Cowherd Brother 158
Daddy John's Debt 163
The Silver Tankard 167
A Courageous Visitor 171
The Hunger for Happiness 174
The Latchstring 177
The Mistake 180
The Prodigal Wife 183
Mind the Light 186
The Four Sous 188
The Silent Meeting 190
Mary Proude 192
The Rescue 194
The Three Sieves 199
A Ride Toward War Paint 200
The Plow 203
An Inventory 205
The Flower that Lives Above the Clouds 208
The Sermon in the Wilderness 210
The Boy Who Chose Poverty 216
The Sacred Flame 219
Historical Notes 226
List of Stories Illustrating Friends' Principles 229


Mary Proude was Afraid of the Dark Frontispiece
"It is the Indians' Sign of Peace," said Father 10
Fearlessly Ivan Walked Out into the Middle of the Room 45
"Santa Claus . . . Sent You This Little Girl" 74
She Ran and Hopped and Jumped Through the Field 88
"That's the Signal for the Christmas Council to Begin" 110
A Happy Feeling Came Into Her Heart 136
Taking Her Little Hand in His Big One, He Left the Cottage 152
Hetty Felt a Chill of Fear 168
She Opened Each Drawer of the Doll's Bureau 206

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From: The Children's Story Garden, Stories collected by a committee of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting — Anna Pettit Broomell, Emily Cooper Johnson, Elizabeth W. Collins, Alice Hall Paxson, Annie Hillborn, and Anna D. White. Illustrated by Katharine Richardson Wireman and Eugenie M. Wireman. Published in 1920 by J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia.