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Girl standing in wild undergrowth, casting milkwood seeds to the breeze.

The Children's Story Garden

The Smithy

A Hindu Fable



By P. V. Ramaswami Raju (Adapted)

ONCE words ran high in a smithy.

The furnace said: "If I cease to burn, the smithy must close."

The bellows said: "If I cease to blow, no fire, no smithy."

The hammer and anvil, also, each claimed the sole credit for keeping up the smithy.

The ploughshare that had been shaped by the furnace, the bellows, the hammer and the anvil, cried: "It is not each of you alone, that keeps up the smithy, but all together."

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In The Children's Story Garden. Stories collected by a committee of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting — Anna Pettit Broomell, Emily Cooper Johnson, Elizabeth W. Collins, Alice Hall Paxson, Annie Hillborn, and Anna D. White. Illustrated by Katharine Richardson Wireman and Eugénie M. Wireman. Published in 1920 by J. B. Lippincott Company, Philadelphia.

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* The Smithy
From Good Stories for Great Holidays, by Frances Jenkins Olcott. Used by permission of, and by arrangement with, Houghton Mifflin Company, the authorized publishers. [top]