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This site has a blog. If you're used to blogs pointing finger here it is.

It's a "WordPress blog," which means it uses WordPress software – actually a set of .php pages with embedded instructions – along with an SQL database. My ISP (internet service provider) has two computer programs, PHP and MySQL, installed on the web server. Together they process the .php pages and database to collect, sort, and "serve" the blog's contents. (It took me several months to figure all that out, so now I can share that little blurb for those who might have been wondering what happens behind the webpage facade.)



Blogging has become a popular form of web-based publishing and interaction. But I know many people who are still unfamiliar with it, and this page serves to introduce how a blog works.

The word "blog" stands for weB-LOG. It's like a journal, with journal entries posted by one person (or by a group of people) to a website via common technologies such as web browsers and email. Blog management is generally handled through web-interface.

The standard arrangement is to have the most recent journal entries on a main page, with older entries archived elsewhere in chronological and/or thematic sets. Individual entries also have their own separate pages, linked from the title and the "comments" link.

At many blogs, visitors can add comments to specific blog entries; subsequent visitors can comment on the comments, etc. Comments are posted with the original blog entry on its separate page.

Many popular blogs are hosted together by companies that provide the venue and maintain content as well. eBlogger, LiveJournal, and TypePad are popular companies. Other blogs – including this one – operate independently, using homebrew software or packages such as the one provided by the WordPress people.



You can go straight to the blog, read through the entries, and just leave it at that. Or, at the Street Corner Society blog, you may feel that you have something to say. An entry is an invitation to add to the discussion.

To post a comment, you're asked for a name and email address. The two combined give the blog software something to remember you by when you visit again. The name is posted with your comment. The email address is not posted. Whatever you give, they won't affect whether the comment goes up. (A real email address lets me check with you if necessary.)

If you include a URL, it's included as a link from your name – perhaps to your blog or website, or to a website you think people might appreciate.

Another way to make your presence known is to register at the blog. You'll be emailed a password, which you can then use to log in, and once you've logged in (as long as your browser accepts cookies) you can revisit the site whenever you like and add your comments. As a registered visitor, you'll also be in queue to become one of the main entry authors for the blog.

As long as you're "cookie'd-in," you can also go to your own profile (under Site Admin > Profile) and add or change your email address, password, etc. You can designate a name or nickname to be displayed with your comments, and give a URL for your own website/blog to be added as a link. Except for your "display name" and the URL, other visitors to the blog don't see any of this information.

Other people besides myself may be added as "authors" and will be able to post to the front page of the Street Corner Society blog. Let me know if you're interested in participating in the blog at that level. The concept is that this is a "street corner" where we can meet and chat on a wide variety of topics. We'll take it as it goes.


So, with no further ado, welcome to Street Corner Society - a blog streetsigns - history and biography