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Quaker page

A Quaker Page

(Quakers are also known as the Religious Society of Friends)

This page indexes Quaker-specific historical materials available, here and elsewhere. Actually, this goes against a major premise of this site - that Quaker history can be better understood in the broader historical context. (See the World Upside Down page for one rendition of that context, and Macaulay's History for another rendition.) But for what it's worth, here's the distilled version:

At this site:

Original writings:

Reflecting back:

Guides to the reading.

Using the 'frames' capability of the web-browser, these pages will provide direct access to a sampling of passages in the texts at this site.

  • Journal of George Fox - A guide
  • Journal of John Woolman - A guide
  • Macaulay's History of England - A guide


Some maps of the early "seedbed" area of Quakerism, of the areas of growth in the early 1650s, and of England and Wales generally.

Selected Quaker writings on the web (offsite)


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Margaret Fell/Fox is listed above whatever way her name is given in the linked site. Larry Kuenning, who helps to provide one of these sites, comments:
The volume of M.F.'s writings published in 1710 refers to her on the title page as "that ancient, eminent, and faithful servant of the Lord, Margaret Fell; but by her second marriage, Margaret Fox." For the Fell name to be listed first, with Fox almost as an afterthought, suggests that the prominence she had attained in the Quaker movement under the Fell name caused people to keep thinking of her as Margaret Fell even while qualifying this with a reference to her second marriage. The Askew name hardly ever appears in the sources except by way of narrating her early life.

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