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There is all the time in the world in Brigflatts. I stayed a little while, wondering if I could still hear the voices of early Friends with their families, children and dogs as in some of the old pictures. As Friends share peace with the world Brigflatts offers peace to Friends, surrounded by the old hills, green valleys and a fast, wide river.

This was the place that George Fox had seen a vision of after Pendle Hill. "And the Lord opened to me at that place, and let me see a great people in white raiment by a river's side coming to the Lord, and the place was near John Blaykling's where Richard Robinson lived (at Brigflatts)."

There are two or three newer buildings at Brigflatts. Otherwise the calm of this valley remains much the same. Despite busy modern roads in other ways it is calmer than 1652. In those days the UK was still in the Civil War period. George Fox's ministry spread rapidly to many of other valleys, dales, farms and villages in the area. Seeker country became Quaker country.

Dai Williams
Emsworth Meeting UK, October 1998.