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Sedburgh and Brigg Flats - 1652 country

In spring 1652 George Fox climbed Pendle Hill from where "the Lord let me see a-top of the hill in what places he had a great people to be gathered." It must have taken him several weeks to walk through the valleys and dales heading north west towards a small town called Sedburgh (pronounced Sedba) on the South East corner of the Lake District. This is the view of Sedburgh from the south, as Fox might have seen it had he come over the hill from Dent Dale.

Picture of town across a valley, hills in background.

This is a region of high, hard rock fells where only sheep survive and beautiful valleys with rich meadows and quick flowing rivers. Apart from the roads and the signposts not much has changed in 346 years. Then the roads would have been rough stone, now asphalt. Then or soon after the fields were protected by dry stone walls, probably made by clearing the stones from the fields. The houses are all made of stone. In those days they would have had roofs made of grass or reeds. Later they were covered with thin stones called slates.

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