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Primitive Christianity Revived...

By William Penn.

From a reprint edition, including a Brief Memoir of Penn, by James M. Brown, 1857.

Penn's Treaty with IndiansThe frontispiece of James Brown's 1857 reprint edition of Primitive Christianity Revived has two pictures. They are credited in his acknowledgments page.

One etching, represents Penn's Treaty at Shackamaxon (now Kensington, up the river from the initial settlement of Philadelphia) apparently using the same plate as was used on page 73 of the third revised edition of Mitchell's Primary Geography, published by Messrs. H. Cowperthwait & Co., of Philadelphia, in 1854.

Interestingly, Brown accepts that the main reason for chosing this particular image is that it more closely fits what he imagines it might have looked like. "Of the various representatives of that ever-memorable event, none that he has seen so fully sets it forth according to his fancy." Benjamin West's original painting, the basis for so many versions that followed (see links below), showed clothing styles of the time he painted, 1770-71.

William PennThe second picture in the frontispiece is a representation of William Penn, presumably holding the Charter for Pennsylvania in his right hand and other legal documents in his left, and with three natives in the background. Again, it's uncertain what Penn actually looked like. The only portrait done while he was living was of him wearing a suit of armor, when he was in his early 20s.

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