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James Nayler's Spiritual Writings


"The light is come, and therein have we found Christ Jesus, the Guide of His people, and the Leader of ages, even by the Spirit of truth, which leads into all truth, even into all that God requires; the obedience to which is better than sacrifice. And to direct people to this Spirit are we sent, that Christ may be all in all, who gives power in the creature to perform what He leads into; that thereby all that believe in the light, may learn Him, who begets the will and the deed also, who is the Author and Finisher of their faith, who look to Him alone, and to His light, that all may see their righteousness to be of Him alone. And by this which we have received of Him in Spirit, do we all see you, who read what the Saints have done by call from God, and from that set yourselves to do the like, to be in the imitation and self-righteousness, and will-worship into which you are not led by the Lord, and by a call from Him: For this I say, That the Father has given His Son for a Leader and Guide to all ages, and into and out of forms He pleases, in His way and time in every generation." {James Nayler}


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Who was James Nayler

To the Life of God in All (James Nayler's Confession written in 1659)

A few of James Nayler's writings

A Discovery Of The Wisdom which is from Beneath, And The Wisdom which is from Above {1653}

Love To The Lost {1656}

How Sin Is Strengthened, And How It Is Overcome {1657}

A Message from The Spirit Of Truth {1658}

A Door Opened To The Imprisoned Seed {1659}

What The Possession of the Living Faith Is, And The Fruits Thereof {1659}

To The Gathered Churches {1659}

Milk for Babes And Meat for Strong Men {Published posthumously in 1661}
  A modernized version of this text [pdf, 112k] is published by Baltimore Yearly Meeting, 2005.

Some Epistles written by James Nayler {Written between 1653 and 1660}


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