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George Fox - An Autobiography

Notes on this version

The Rufus Jones 1908 edition of
George Fox's Journal . . .

This version uses the text made available at the Christian Classics Ethereal Library, as scanned and edited by Harry Plantinga.
    Margins are added, the font size is larger and, most importantly, Rufus Jones's footnotes are included with each chapter in a format that uses hyperlinks to their best advantage. Jones's introduction, listed in the table of contents below the chapters of Fox's Journal, is also a useful piece of scholarship in its own right.
    This version may be copied freely and used elsewhere. Please acknowledge the source -- Street Corner Society -- and if possible, put in a link to the site.
    The Rufus Jones edition has been reprinted by Friends United Press (Richmond, Indiana: 1976) and may be purchased at various locations. There are other editions, most notably the John L. Nickalls edition published in 1952 (jointly?) by London Yearly Meeting and Cambridge University Press.

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